Designed to work on neutralizing itch and irritation from insect bites.

Mosquitoes, flies, bees, wasps and ants.

Works in


Safe temperature



to use.



CES Innovation
Award winner.

Top 10 best products
Indiegogo Marketplace.

Princeton University
Medical Device presenter Award.

Top product on the
Grommet marketplace.

Top 5 Amazon
coolest gadgets.

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Successfully sold in the
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Featured in top news outlets
Mashable, Insider, Fox, CBS, ABC.

Researched at London School of
Tropical Medicine and NY University.

Easy to use.

1. Place it on the bite.

2. Press the button.

3. Bite Helper is activated.

Powered by Thermo-Pulse Technology™

Bite Helper utilizes a unique proprietary technology that has been developed in conjunction with the world's top universities. The Bite Helper's heating element is produced in the same manufacturing facility that is used by NASA.

Superconducting heating element.

Creates concentrated heat and vibration.

Gently heats up to the temperature of 48.5C (119 F) degrees, then the thermostat turns off the heat.

Non-Medicated, chemical and drug-free.

Tested at the world's top medical universities.

Developed with assistance of doctors and scientists.

Ideal for use: at home, gardening, camping, fishing, hunting, on a road trip, on an airplane, during sports, golf, bbq, outdoors, in parks, on the beaches, in the mountains, in the forest, in summer camps, by the water.

Buy only original
Bite Helper devices

on our official website or from authorized resellers

There are fraudulent copies of our device that are cheaper, and with a number of significant disadvantages

Bite Helper®

Designed to work on neutralizing itch and irritation caused by insect stings and bites from mosquitoes, flies, bees, wasps, and ants.

Portable and Reusable.


Eco-friendly and reusable.

Simple to use — just 1 button.

1-year warranty.

Money-back guarantee within 30 days.


Designed in the USA.

Improved tactile feel.

Stylish device design.


High-quality materials.


Customer support and service.

3 important facts about dangers of mosquito bites:

Mosquitoes are the number 1 killer of humans in the world and are the number 1 carriers of infectious diseases.

Every year 750,000,000 people are infected by mosquitoes: Malaria, Zika, Dengue, West Nile Virus. More than 1 million people die per year due to mosquito bites.

There are over 200,000,000 insects for every person on Earth.

We are featured in:

Endorsed by the medical community and health care associations.

Humanitarian Contributions.

We strive to educate people around the world on the importance of prevention and treatment methods against life-threatening diseases. We contribute to research at institutions that study the outbreaks of COVID-19, Zika, Malaria, Dengue, and other dangerous airborne and insect-transmitted diseases that are endangering our lives.

We proudly support Doctors Without Borders, an independent international humanitarian organization that delivers emergency medical aid to people affected by armed conflicts, natural disasters, man-made disasters, or exclusion from healthcare in more than 60 countries.

Health Helper Team

Eugene Zabolotsky - Chief Executive Officer

Eugene is the founder of Health Helper with a mission to offer consumers effective, safe and affordable therapeutic products. For the past 23 years, he has been at the forefront of innovation in the healthcare industry. His background ranges from working on international clinical trials to launching billion-dollar products for Pfizer and even commercializing medical devices for Smith & Nephew Orthopedics. Eugene holds an MBA in Healthcare Management from Regis University and Bachelors in Health Sciences from the College of Mount Saint Vincent.

Erica Gomez, MD - Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Gomez is the founder of PURR Gynecology and Aesthetics, a practice focused on the holistic wellbeing of women and the aging process. Her experience as an OBGYN has informed her perspective on the importance of self-care, striving to find technology-based solutions for women concerned with everything from postmenopausal skincare to surgical laser treatments.

Max Vilenchik, Esq. - General Counsel

Max is a business attorney with a wide background ranging from
entertainment and intellectual property to corporate and commercial transactions for start-ups and professionals in their business endeavors.

Frank Baglieri, CPA - Corporate Accountant

Frank is an accomplished CPA and founding partner of Murphy, Miller & Baglieri LLP, Frank’s reputation in the industry speaks directly to his breadth of experience serving clients in the U.S. and around the world.

Kerry Walters, MS - Online Media Strategist

Kerry is a passionate and results-driven entrepreneur within progressive business development & operations experience. Kerry’s focus is in Strategic Marketing, Solutions Research, Public Relations, and Sales & Management within traditional/new media.

Igor Hadzic - Art Director - Graphic Designer

Igor is the art director at Health Helper, where he oversees all of the graphic design work. He is known for being the lead graphic designer at Maxbox VR where he develops exciting new products, including a new virtual reality headset called the VR Slim.

Scientific and Business Advisory Board

Edward Ratush, MD

Dr. Edward Ratush is a Board Certified Psychiatrist who offers
comprehensive treatment for substance abuse disorders, treatmentresistant anxiety, and Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. He holds a medical degree from the Boston University School of Medicine and was trained in Sex Therapy at Rutgers University.

Harvey Knauss, BS, MDDI - FDA Medical Device Advisor

Harvey has been the director and owner of Delphi Consulting Group since 1987, a company that provides medical device regulatory and engineering services, compliance programs, and medical device FDA release to market for client companies.

Ana Rodriguez, PhD

Dr. Rodriguez is a professor of Microbiology at NYU where she is
Director of the Parasitology Division. Her Lab studies two different
parasites, Plasmodium, which causes Malaria and Trypanosoma Cruzi. Her focus is on the study of malaria-induced inflammatory pathology.

Fredrick Zinos, MBA - Consumer Marketing Advisor

Fred comes to Health Helper with extensive marketing experience in the dietary supplement, functional food, OTC and prescription drug industries.

Julian Sherman, BA - Microbiology Research Advisor

Julian is a researcher in Dr. Rodriguez’s laboratory at NYU. He is currently developing a drug treatment for the chronic stage of
infection of Chagas disease with GlaxoSmithKline. Julian runs the antiinfectives screening core at the Department of Microbiology, NYU School of Medicine.

Givi Topchishvili - Business Strategy Advisor

Givi is an entrepreneur, investor, and author, with 30 years of business and market entry experience in Europe, Asia, and the US.

Paul Bina, BS, MT, AAM - Microbiology Advisor

Paul has an accomplished career spanning decades as a microbiologist. He developed ELISA and Western Blot detection methods to better determine bacterial toxins and initiated the development of competitive methods for various human hormones in serum.